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Our founder, Jay Balan shared his insights about influencer marketing and BlogADia.



Manila Bulletin

“I wanted to come up with a solution for entrepreneurs and bloggers through a platform that would connect them with each other in ways that would be helpful to their needs,” says Jay Balan, Founder and CEO of BlogADia. “With this new platform, we envision having more small businesses become stronger and more profitable through their online engagements. We also envision having bloggers that are more empowered to showcase brands.”

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Business Mirror

Small business owners and rising bloggers both have their challenges when it comes to the digital world.

Business owners who realize the potential of going digital are challenged in part by their lack of know-how in engaging with digital influencers within their means. On the other hand, rising bloggers are challenged not only with raising their profile, but also with making their blogs earn more revenue.

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