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BlogADia is a marketplace dedicated to help MSMEs to promote their brand using content marketing specifically sponsored posts with the assistance of online influencers and bloggers. We aim to help online influencers and bloggers monetize their posts and have more value to their content

BlogADia started as a project by students under the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Program and is still in the process of development. The goal is to be the premiere brand that serves both advertisers and bloggers.

BlogADia has been actively promoting the brand since the E-Commerce Summit this January 2017 that was held in 4 key cities in the Philippines namely Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao. We at BlogADia agreed to sponsor the 3 regional legs of the said summit to promote and support E-Commerce in the country.

The platform is also introduced in the Start Up Meet Up in 2 major SEA cities Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. We gained useful knowledge from the participants and suggestions how we can further improve the website.

BlogADia is still improving and evolving with the use of experiences and feedback from you and the people around us.




A marketplace for bloggers that lets you showcase your site’s worth so advertisers can easily match their products and services.

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